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“When I signed up for the program, I was skeptical. As a decades-long binge eater, I’ve tried so many diets, programs, gyms, books, dietitians and nutritionists over the years. They all promised they had the answer, and some of them did…for the short term, but I always returned to bingeing. This left me feeling like I was a failure and that there was something wrong with me. I was constantly on the search for something to fix myself, stuck in a cycle of weight-cycling, hopelessness, helplessness, low self-esteem, no boundaries, and full of shame, guilt, and fear. I signed up for this program, hoping and praying that it could help, but not really believing that it would be any different than the hundreds of things I’d already tried. I learned within the first week that it WAS so very different from anything I’d done before. 

I joined up to stop bingeing and that happened AND SO MUCH MORE! I’ve gone from bingeing daily to not at all. There is sanity around food now. I’m LIVING my life instead of sitting on the sidelines, waiting for the perfect body. I’m learning to accept my body and appreciate all its strength. I discovered boundaries! I ditched years of unuseful and unhelpful thoughts, and even worked through some long-standing grief. For the first time in my life, I’m not focused on my weight, tracking the metrics of every morsel of food that goes in my mouth, forcing myself to do exercise I hate to burn more calories, spending hours to come up with weekly food plans. Surprisingly, I still lost 20 pounds over the past 6 months of the program. Thanks for everything! ” 

- Carrie T.

“I was binge eating my whole life, had poor self-esteem, and too much mental chatter about food. From working through the group program, I now have so many tools to use to help me to not binge eat, to work through problems, and how to deal with them in a useful manner. I love Kirstin and her wonderful attitude toward helping. We could feel open to ask about anything and receive great coaching.

I also loved sharing this journey with others. It’s great to not feel alone and ashamed and completely misunderstood as a binge eater because you are in a group with others who truly understand. I have recommended this group program to my binge eating and emotional eating friends!

Thank you Kirstin! This has helped so much. I’m so glad I found this program.”

- Amber H.

“I have never felt so aligned with my goals in life. Binge eating was causing so much pain, confusion, and stagnancy in my life. Since finishing coaching, I am so fulfilled and CONFIDENT. I am confident in not only my appearance but also in my life. I feel confident in my decision making and knowing that binge eating is a thing of the past that I have grown from. I loved being able to talk to someone who seems like a friend. Kirstin held such a safe space for me to confide in her and feel comfortable in doing so. I love being BINGE FREE! Something I dreamed of saying months back. If you’re considering working with Kirstin, DO IT. It changed my life and enabled me to break free from a horrible habit that was ruining the quality of my life.

Kirstin, I would just like to say thank you. Those words can’t articulate how grateful and happy I am to have gone through this course. I can confidently say that I am BINGE FREE. I not only have broken away from this bad habit, but I have grown as a person. I know how to manage my mind and my thoughts. Something that is applicable beyond binge eating. Kirstin made me feel comfortable confiding in her. If you’re looking into coaching, do it. I was that girl on the other side of the screen dreaming of what it would like to feel the freedom of this habit. I was in pain too. But now I am SO happy, confident, and FREE 🙂 I had gained that binge weight that was a reminder of my past mistakes but I trusted in the process and my body is even back to its healthy weight. Thank you, Kirstin.”

- Paige

“Thank you so much Kirstin! I lived with binge eating for seven years and tried many things to end it. Sometimes I was successful for a short time but a return to bingeing was always just around the corner. Kirstin’s podcast has short, solid and PRACTICAL advise that I finally helped me start to see the way to end it. I carried on to do coaching with her and I can’t recommend it enough.

I thought I was just going to stop bingeing with her but the effects have rolled out into my life to beyond what I could imagine. Not only am I free from my bingeing torment, but I’m now also making changes to have the courage to leave my job, start a business and and am managing stress and fear without bingeing.

Kirstin said if I was committed to the process, it would happen. Looking back to when we began, I can’t believe how different my life is. I highly recommend coaching if you are able to and putting into action what she is teaching in her podcasts. You’ll be so delighted with who you become!”

- R

“I was binge eating on a regular basis, three or four times per week for more than eight years. I tried almost every diet there is and spent hundreds of Euros on dieting programs but nothing worked. Then I realized that I had more severe problems that caused my binging and I started reading about binge eating and support programs. I decided to contact Kirstin and everything changed. Before, I didn’t trust myself when it came to food. I felt completely unable to manage my food intake and went back and forth between binging and restricting. Right after the first one or two sessions with Kirstin my binging stopped. I had only two binges in my time with Kirstin. I started struggling with overeating once or twice a week instead but Kirstin helped me to do the work and taught me that overeating from time to time is normal and how I can teach myself to stop when I am full and not feeling shame in the case of overeating at the same time.

I strongly feel that she taught me the basis for a healthy relationship with food. I never had to feel ashamed or anything when I was talking to Kirstin. Actually, she knows the darkest moments of my food-life and that’s okay. I also like that she offered more support whenever I would need it. This gives me the feeling of having a safety net. Also, as a educationist I have to say that I love the fact that Kirstin doesn’t make people depend on her and her support completely but teaches them to use the methods by themselves. Her goal is not having them back in half a year struggling again but ENABLING them to get themselves out of the binge cycle in case of having a binge. If you’re considering working with Kirstin, just do it! Kirstin changed my life. I felt numbed by all the food I ate. Food took away my life and Kirstin helped me get it back.”

- Louisa W.

“I had a life-long struggle with binge eating and I’ve had several major insights/shifts as a result of the coaching experience. I’ve learned that my thoughts dictate my experience, and that I can—and should!—practice the thoughts that will help me get through my binge urges. I now believe (really!) that binge urges do not have power over me, and that I don’t have to give in to them. I used to believe binging was inevitable, and now I know that every time I have an urge, I have a choice. However, I’ve also learned that giving in to a binge urge does not mean I am broken, or that I’ve failed. This habit has been forming for almost 30 years, and it will take some time to undo.

Kirstin helped me realize that I need to practice the tools and thoughts—a lot!—before the habit totally disappears. This helps me have self-compassion, to be patient, and to see how far I’ve come rather than to see any slip as evidence that I can’t be cured. I am not out of the woods and am still a work in progress, but I now have way more self-awareness, more tools/strategies to help me through binge urges, more tolerance for allowing difficult feelings, more patience for the process, and WAY more confidence that I can do this—really and truly! I loved talking to Kirstin about my own personal challenges and patterns! I love her podcast, and I’ve gained a lot of insight from listening (and re-listening) to the episodes. But working with Kirstin to hone in on my own feelings, thoughts, difficulties, beliefs—and then devising personalized strategies to change and improve—has been the true game changer. Kirstin is funny, kind, insightful, deeply knowledgeable about binge eating, and just super bright in general. I will miss our conversations a lot 🙂

If the podcasts resonate with you, if you’re struggling and have not found a lasting relief, if you’re looking for personalized help, go for it! I’ve tried just about everything to stop binge eating (therapists, nutritionists, countless self-help books, an out-patient eating disorder clinic, a 12-step program), and coaching with Kirstin is the one thing that feels like a real solution. THANK YOU. It’s so cliche to say “there are no words,” but it’s basically impossible to convey how grateful I am. I am a different. I have different beliefs. Kirstin has helped me change the thing I hate most about my life and myself, the thing that holds me back from walking toward the world, the thing that has plagued me for almost 30 YEARS. My life is better—and becoming better still!—because of Kirstin. Kirstin. You. Are. Awesome. Full stop. Please, please keep doing what you’re doing. So many people out there can benefit from your help and your program. <3″

- Erica A.

“Binge eating was something I just couldn’t handle on my own. I was so done with it by the time I reached out. I really needed someone I could openly talk with about my issues and figure it out together. Now, I am so much calmer and confident around food and that allowed me to have emotional and physical space and energy outside of food. I am not in that painful cycle of binging and restricting cycle, in secret. It is so isolating and lonely when you are in it. I feel genuinely happy as a person who can choose to be the person she desires to be. I feel so confident since I now know I’m the one in charge and am not a helpless victim anymore. It is so empowering. Now I can apply that method to any thing in my life and my happiness in life in general has gone up by far. Especially, being ok with some negative circumstances in life and owning how I think and feel about it was so empowering. It is literally like magic. Kirstin is very professional, reliable yet warm and loving so that you can open up to her. Her willingness to get you through this and the tools that she provides are exceptional. I wish I had met her ten years ago. That would have saved me so much energy and time. I love you Kirstin! You are my heroine!”

- Kate K.

“I found Kirstin by coincidence on Instagram, started listening to her podcast (I highly recommend doing that, the episodes are short, but sooo powerful and you can literally feel her amazing energy when you are listening!) and then so happy to figure out she also provides coaching.

I live across the globe from her and I was a bit worried not being a native speaker and having sessions online, but it turned out this was definitely the best coaching and support I ever got from any therapy or program I participated before (and believe me, I did quite a few). She was able to push me forward, to make me think about my beliefs, habits, thoughts, which are not really serving me well, guided me how to manage those on daily basis and most importantly, showed me this path of recovery from binge eating doesn’t need to be miserable – our sessions were not only insightful and productive but always full of positive energy and laughter.

Ending the program with Kirstin I felt happy and sad – happy, because I got the chance to work with this incredible woman and because it was one of the most powerful things I did in my life and sad because it is over. I am on my own now, but I feel stronger and equipped with all the tools and knowledge I need, not only to keep myself binge free, but also to start loving myself more than before. Kirstin, you are just super amazing human being and I can not thank you enough for what you have done for me!”

- Jana S.

“At the beginning I didn’t even know why I was bingeing!!!! By working with Kirstin, I realised that I was bingeing when in pain, bored or tired. Now, instead of blindly bingeing when I have an urge, I automatically tell myself that “I know how to deal with urges”.

I loved Kirstin’s openness to dealing with issues other than bingeing, but that are intrinsically linked to them. I have chronic pain and Kirstin has patiently guided me towards being more accepting of the times when I was unable to do anything but rest.

If you’re thinking about working with Kirstin, do it 🙂 The worst thing that can happen is that you’ll learn more about yourself. The best: you’ll stop bingeing.

From week to week, we have covered and analysed many of my thought patterns. I put them all recently together and realised that through this process we obtained a sort of a MRI scan of how my brain works in practice. I sort of gained a better overall map of my brain’s inner workings. This is the only way I could understand my bingeing tendencies and start to work on moving away from them.”

- Jasmine M.

“I was reluctant to talk to someone about emotional eating because I was embarrassed, doubtful that I could change (since I have struggled nearly my entire life), and I was a little fearful of discovering something I didn’t want to. I took a chance on Kirstin and have been rewarded with some incredible tools and results. Thru her work and guidance I have learned far more about why I binge eat and the best ways to end this cycle. Thru our time she has taught me to look at this problem thru completely different optics. With practice and commitment I have put her recommendations to use and finally feel that I am no longer shackled with emotional eating. More specifically, I have been able to greatly minimize regret, shame, and guilt around food. I have never felt so secure with food, my body, and my emotions. Thank you so much!”

- Jennie B.

“Amazing. An anthem. Standing ovation. Beyond words. First off, she knows her stuff. I will never forget some of the lessons Kirstin has taught me, about so many things. I thought I knew it all when it came to dieting. There was no advice, no tips, no plans I had not read. But I struggled with restricting food hoping for a quick result and then binging. For years. I thought I was a failure when in the rest of my life I was so successful. Now, I have sayings from Kirstin reminding me how to think differently. How to feel better in order to get better. I’ve gone from a negative self talker that I didn’t even realize to a completely different person. Kirstin is truly a master of her craft in coaching. She has the best questions and helps you find an answer even when you think you don’t know. It’s a gift. Lastly, Kirstin is just fun. She has this great energy. We would laugh even when I was finding serious things about myself. I am a better person now. Thank you Kirstin!!!”

- Lyn W.

“I came to Kirstin because I was obsessing about food and weight and having chaotic thoughts.
learned how to use journaling as a tool for self-care and self-improvement. I feel empowered now to live how I want to live. My priorities and beliefs are leading the way. Kirstin cut to the heart of my thinking quickly (and kindly) and allowed me to see clearly. I can’t imagine someone who this process wouldn’t benefit. Thanks, Kirstin for this life-changing work.”

- Sara S.

“When I started working with Kirstin, I was struggling with binge eating and overeating. Throughout our work together, she helped me manage my urges to binge and diffuse the anxiety associated with urges. I’m now so much freer around food and have so many new amazing thoughts that serve me so much better. If you’re considering working with her, do it! She is so down to earth and relatable. It’s like talking to a good friend full of amazing advice and guidance every time. Thank you Kirstin for taking me to the next level in my work with weight loss and binge eating. You are simply fantastic.”

- Jill L

“Working with Kirstin was awesome! I initially went into it with only focusing on my binge eating, but I got so much more out of it. The tools and strategies Kirstin taught me to look at my thoughts and feelings were quite powerful. It was so much more than just food that was causing me irritation and discontent within my life. I really learned how to stop and sit with the thoughts and feelings and become conscious of what I was doing. I learned I am more powerful than I gave myself credit for. I know I can’t change others but I can change my thoughts and feelings. I highly recommend working with Kirstin. You definitely won’t be disappointed!”

- Shauna T.

“I was struggling specifically with binge eating and it was dragging me down—I felt upset and couldn’t focus and just wanted to overcome this problem. I had worked with other programs, but hadn’t found anyone before that understood binging and how it felt and how to stop. Kirstin’s coaching has helped me (amazingly) uncover some feelings and thoughts that I was previously unaware of that were driving a lot of my binging behavior. Working with Kirstin was a great investment. I consider the work we did to be a pretty involved class, in which I learned and applied new information—that is very worthwhile, and I don’t see another way I could have learned what I did. Kirstin asked great questions that really helped me think, and I felt like I could tell her anything and she would not judge me or think I was crazy. This is an invaluable practice for every area of life.”

- Sandra W.

“I no longer binge eat! I have lost 25 lbs and am feeling fantastic. Food doesn’t rule my life anymore…I do. Thanks for everything you’ve done!”

- MacKenzie K.

“No binging in the past 6 months. I lost 20 more pounds. I feel amazing. I achieved my goal – I’m pregnant!! Thank you so much for all your help!”

- Diana F.

“Green smoothies, hot yoga, general healthy habits: check, check, and check. Forceful and fast eating, intermittent guilt, and poor decisions made in the heat of moment: I did that, too. I worked with Kirstin and am so happy I did. In sharing with her the things I’ve long held in shame, I found answers to problems that have haunted me for most of my life. Solutions that are “not necessarily easy, but simple,” as she eloquently put it. If you have secret food hangups like I did, I highly recommend checking her out. She’s just that good, and I’d be remiss to not spread the word.”

- Karyn P.

“The end result of working with Kirstin matched exactly what I had pictured in my mind prior to starting the coaching process. Since coaching I have created many new social relationships, I enjoy weekends instead of dreading them alone, I’ve lost weight, and I’ve realized that anything negative told to me about my intellect or abilities when I was very small is nothing but horse***t and that none of it was ever true. Kirstin has been an amazing resource to me. She commingled professionalism with a personal touch. It was a perfect fit for my personality. The value I got from this has been priceless.”

- Toni F.