Stop Binge


Create your ideal eating habits and your ideal life


In the meantime, download my free tips for How to Not Binge Eat Tonight!

Stop Binge


Create your ideal eating
habits and your ideal life

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In the meantime, download my free tips for How to Not Binge Eat Tonight!

If you're anything like I used to be...

You look at other people who can stop eating so easily and wonder why you can’t do that.
You think about food and eating way too much.
You hate how you feel after you binge, and you know how you’re going to feel yet, you keep doing it.

You might worry that you’re broken or that this is just how you are.

You are not broken and this is not just how you are.

I binge ate for 10 years

I would sneak food, hide food bags and packages, go to two drive-thrus in a row (maybe three), buy food pretending I was buying it for more people than just myself, and while with friends I would think about eating more, alone at home, after I would leave them.

Although there were some moments of hope in that decade, there were many times when I felt hopeless.

I thought that I was just dealt the hand of being a binge eater and it was something I’d have to learn to deal with for the rest of my life.

I tried to stop but the methods I found didn’t work for me long-term.

Distraction techniques and dieting were not the answer.

The answer was in changing ME.

I had to change how I handled my urges to binge, my emotions, and my life.

Binge eating isn't so much

about the food, it's about

what you're using the

food for.

Do you ever think any of these before you binge?

You’re saying these things because you are excusing and justifying eating.

Why are you excusing and justifying?

You want to feel better, different than you're

feeling now, or continue the good feelings,

You want to feel better, different than you're feeling now, or continue the good feelings, and

as quickly as you can.

and as quickly as you can.

You feel an urge, anxious, hopeless, stressed, tired, and you want to feel better. Or, you feel good and you want to continue feeling good.

You use food as a quick fix to feel better. But when you do that, in the end, you just feel worse.

You need to stop going for the quick fix

food gives you and learn how to feel

You need to stop going for the quick fix food gives you and learn how to feel

better without eating.

Stopping using food as a solution for how you handle your life is easier than you think.

In my Stop Binge Eating Group Program I teach you how to do it, step by step, and so much more.

What makes my approach different?

It’s about realizing your self-control that you never actually lose (I repeat, you are never truly out of control) and learning how to make better eating decisions, ones that will benefit your well-being and long-term health rather than ones that will only benefit you in that moment.

You get to decide what kind of relationship you want to have with food and create that in your life!

In The Stop Binge Eating Group

Program you can...

Over the course of 6 months you'll

learn how to:

The Stop Binge Eating Group Program

A six month coaching program that will give you the step by step process and the tools you need to change your relationship with food forever.

The Stop Binge Eating Group Program

A six month coaching program that will give you the step by step process and the tools you need to change your relationship with food forever.

This is how it works:

Group Coaching Calls

Get live coaching on any topic and also hear other people get coached! Calls are scheduled 4 times per month and the times will vary days and times to accommodate people’s schedules and time zones around the world. If you’re not able to make it to a call live, it’s not a problem. They’ll be recorded so you can listen at your convenience and still gain so much just from listening. You’ll still get the benefits of coaching but from a different perspective and sometimes it can be easier to understand concepts and tools when you’re hearing them be applied to someone else.

Unlimited Online Written Coaching

Get coaching, help, and questions answered as they come up, as often as you want. You write to Kirstin, she’ll respond as soon as she can. You’ll also be able to see what other group members ask and benefit from the coaching they receive. We’re all working as a team in there!

Private One on One Coaching

Each month, you will get a 15 minute one on one coaching session. It may not seem like a lot of time but SO MUCH can be accomplished in 15 minutes. I open up 4 consecutive days on my calendar each month and you’ll be able to pick a time that works for you, within the availability I offer. You can get coaching on any topic that you need help with, and you’ll walk away knowing exactly what to do next and how you’ll do it. 

A Supportive Community

Not only will you be learning all the tools and concepts you need to have to stop binge eating but, you’ll do it with a group of other people who are struggling with very similar issues you are and who think and do the same things you do. What’s really beautiful about doing this work in a group is the camaraderie, connection, and support that comes along with this. You’re not in this alone. You’re with like-minded people and that can be so comforting as you go through a process like this. With your friends and family you may feel isolated and misunderstood dealing with this problem but in here, you’ll feel more normal and understood.

Optional Peer Discussion and Accountability Groups/Partners

In these optional groups/partnerships, you can participate in Zoom meetings to discuss your homework, struggles, anything you want with other members of the group. You can ask to be held accountable for whatever you want or as a group you can all decide what you want to focus on and work on. I’ll give you all the work to do, show you how to apply it, and coach you. Then this group/partnership can help you actually do the work and apply it.

*Your placement with a partner/group is dependent on group members’ availabilities for weekly meetings and I cannot guarantee your availability will line up with others’.

Monthly Video Lessons

Each month you’ll get access to several videos lessons that will teach you exactly what to do in a structure that I have found to be the most effective course of action to overcome binge eating. You’ll learn new concepts, tools, and dive deeper into tools and concepts you may have already heard about on the podcast. The videos are short but packed full of useful, easily digestible content.


Group members find these to be extremely useful and valuable. You’ll gain so much insight into yourself and be able to solve so many problems on your own using them. Knowing how to handle eating situations and urges is very important and these can help you navigate those. They will also help you to understand all the reasons why you binge so we know where the real problem is that you need help with.

In this group, you can share your struggles without judgement, with people who are going to say, “I do that too” and “me too.” It will feel so good talk about your problems and get help in this safe space.

It’s also nice to hear other people’s stories that you relate to and know you’re not the only one.

You can be anonymous or as open as you’d like. You can share your picture and be on video or never show your face at all.

You can share all the details or be vague. Your comfort is a top priority.

You get all of this, with 6 months of learning, support, help with applying, and time to really sharpen your skills with me by your side.

Your Investment: $3,000
(Or four monthly payments of $850)

Not sure if you're ready

or if now is the time?

Let me help you…

If you don’t it’s probably because you’ve failed many times in the past or because you haven’t done it yet. But why does it matter what has happened in the past? Your future can be different than your past. You can learn new things and try new things and find success in ways you’ve never tried to before. That’s what this program offers – something new. Most likely what you’ve tried in the past hasn’t worked long-term because it didn’t change YOU. That’s what we’re going to do in here. We’re going to change how you make your eating decisions, how you think about food and eating, and how you respond to your urges, cravings, and feelings. Those are what need to change, not the food.

If something in your life is a 10, or close to it, then you’d be willing to do anything to make it happen. If your car broke down today and it cost $3000 to fix it, would you be able to come up with the money? If having a car is that important to you, I bet you would. If this is important enough to you, you can find a way to make it work.

You’ve tried listening to podcasts, reading books, doing all kinds of diets, and none of that has worked. Maybe now is the time you work with a coach directly.

When you do this work on your own, you can’t always see exactly what your problem is or what other options are besides the ones you’ve been choosing. A coach, who is outside of your mind, can offer a difference perspective and can see other options, strategies, and solutions much more clearly.

Most likely it’s that you are still binge eating and spent all that money. Well guess what, you’re already doing that! You’re binge eating and spending all this money on binge food. The only difference is that if you invest in this program you’re at least giving yourself the opportunity to be successful. You’re not hoping and wishing, you’re doing. Also remember that no matter what you spend your money on whether it be binge foods or this program, you will get more money. You’re not born with a pot of money that’s once’s it’s gone it’s gone. You will make more. What you won’t get more of though is time. Don’t waste any more time binge eating than you have to.

Think about how binge eating negatively affects you and your life right now. That’s what you get if you say no to this program.

Now think about how your life would better if you did stop binge eating. THAT’s what not doing this would cost you. You’d miss out on that life, on feeling how you want to feel, and on being the person you want to be.

Still have questions?

Feel free to email and we’ll be happy to answer anything.

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